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Our Mission

Our Mission

The idea behind the Father TimeTM brand came from a fundamental belief that two areas in life could use some help: food and families.  We believe that the food we consume needs to be more pure and real, resembling meals from a home kitchen rather than an industrial factory, and made using organic, premium, whole, and non-GMO ingredients.  We also believe that our hectic family lives can be more simple and real, focused on the biggest priorities of life and authentic family relationships rather than the constant, fleeting distractions that prevent us from being the people we were destined to become. 

Father Time exists to make good things happen for families through food and fun. 


We want to make it easy for the whole family to eat real, homemade-quality food again, even with today’s busy lifestyle.  We are passionate about making the freshest, highest quality food using the most wholesome, premium ingredients available.  Our efficient, direct-to-consumer model cuts out the wholesale and retail middlemen and makes it more convenient, affordable, and feasible for busy households to access the highest quality family staples like real, fresh bread.

Our journey working in the food industry has led us to a set of ideals that we believe are greatly needed in the American diet today.  You can always trust that the foods and recipes we create will follow these guiding principles:

Whole Grains
Decades ago the grain industry decided to begin separating the wholesome bran and germ in wheat flour and focus production instead on the starchy endosperm, which has a far longer shelf life. Problem is, they stripped out most of the nutrition and created “white flour” grain products that have dominated the food industry ever since and left a wake of devastating health problems.  We have found that finding the right source of wheat, grinding it fresh, and adapting recipes to rely primarily on whole grain not only introduces far more nutrition, but a much more wholesome taste and feeling as well.  We are passionate about using whole grains as the primary grain source in our recipes for both taste and nutrition. 

As explained in Our Story, our journey in a food career took a fortuitous turn through the organic food industry. We’ve been strong believers in organic food ever since for a number of reasons: it’s the responsible way to grow and prepare food, it helps preserve nutrients in the soil, its methods can often be less industrialized and higher quality, its standards are holistic and strict, and its philosophy promotes the longevity of our ecosystem.  Learn more here in our Organic Manifesto.  We will use organic in our food and recipes where possible and when organic leads to the best quality.

Similar to organic, our conviction in non-genetically modified foods is ideological based on how we think quality food should be cultivated for the longevity of our ecosystem. See our Organic Manifesto for more details.  All of our food will always be non-GMO.  No exceptions.

Amazing, Real Taste
Let’s be honest, if food doesn’t taste really good, we’re not going to eat much of it. But let’s also recognize that there are two types of “good taste”: the fleeting pleasure of cheap, indulgent food that leaves you empty vs. the filling, wholesome taste of amazing real foods made in the right way that give you pure energy and vitality.  Cheap, indulgent food is often over-eaten because it fills you without nourishing you with what your body needs to function effectively.  Great-tasting, real food is filling and doesn’t need to be over-consumed because it nourishes you.  All of our food and recipes that we create strive to achieve the amazing taste of real, wholesome food.  After all, isn’t that the best way to help our kids eat healthy?

Honey is Better than Sugar
Our society has a major addiction to white powder. No, it’s not cocaine we’re talking about, it’s sugar.  A little bit of sugar (emphasis on the “little”) can add some nice depth to a dish.  Unfortunately, it’s too often overused and relied on as a flavor enhancer for everything, including pasta sauce!  If you never used any sugar in any recipe, life might not taste very good.  So how do we get food to taste good without sliding down the slippery slope of sugar addiction?  Tough question, but often the answer can be honey.  Honey can only be made by honeybees.  Pretty remarkable!  And honey’s wide-ranging benefits include helping keep foods moist, improving food textures, and providing valuable nutrients.  We use honey instead of sugar in our bread because it’s a more wholesome sweetener, it provides a better flavor, and it keeps the bread more moist for a longer period of time.  It’s a crucial ingredient for why our bread is so different and so good.  After all, honey is far more expensive than sugar, which is probably why the typical store bread brands don’t use it!  Quality tastes better, and is often better for you, too.  That’s why we prefer honey instead of sugar in most situations.

Homemade Quality
We often wish we could make all of our meals from scratch. Why?  Partially because it’s fun, but also because there’s something special about the care and attention paid to a homemade-quality meal rather than a mass-produced industrial meal that used a lot of shortcuts.  When the eater is also the maker, many different choices are made in the process.  Only trouble is, who has the time to make all their foods from scratch every day?  No one we know.  That’s why we need to rely on creative technological models to make our food as close to homemade quality as possible.  You see, it’s not just the quality ingredients that are used, but also the careful process to make the food.  The industrialized food system has three primary motivations when producing food: make it as easy as possible, as cheap as possible, and prolong the shelf-life as much as possible.  In all of the foods and recipes we create, we instill the discipline of the homemade cook and baker to create what we would in our own kitchen rather than what is always easiest and cheapest for the manufacturer.  That is why our foods taste a cut above anything you could find in a store.

Big food companies love long shelf lives for their products because of their complex distribution systems. Packaged foods are produced, then sit around until they’re ready to ship, then sit in another warehouse until they’re shipped to a store, then still on a store shelf until they’re bought, then sit at home until they’re eaten.  It can often take a very long time for food to go through that lengthy, complex cycle, so food manufacturers do what they can with ingredients and processing to prolong the shelf life and minimize any spoilage in their inventory.  That often doesn’t serve families well since these foods are rarely consumed fresh, or are stripped of much of the nutrition that fresh foods retain until they go bad.  Our fresh food model relies on rapid delivery after the food is made since we don’t use any artificial or chemical preservatives.  You simply get fresh food, quickly delivered to your home for easy enjoyment.  The freezer usually works as a natural way to preserve any food you might decide to save for later.

Simple, Trustworthy Ingredients
Reading the ingredient label on packaged foods in the grocery store can be a dizzying task. What are all of these odd-sounding ingredients?  What exactly are “natural flavors?”  Why do some foods have so many ingredients when they could be a lot simpler?  Simple, recognizable ingredient lists are often more costly because you don’t rely on cheap, filler ingredients.  Because our foods are fresh and ultra-premium in quality, we rely on the highest quality of simple ingredients to make the most amazing, delicious food creations.

    Family Fun

    There are few things better in life than a little family fun.  Father Time seeks to provide the nurturing, comforting, reliable, and wholesome fun that every family should have in abundance.  We create, share, and curate ideas to help families:

    Eat Together
    Few things can spark family interaction as well as good food. We are dedicated to delivering incredible, homemade-quality food for busy families while also helping them whip up their own simple food creations together in the kitchen.   

    Celebrate Together
    Creating and continuing family traditions and holiday celebrations gives everyone in the family something to look forward to, especially when good food is involved. Remembering and commemorating past family memories, photos, and stories can also keep us grounded and grateful.

    Learn Together
    Learning feeds a healthy mind just like food can nourish a healthy body. There is so much to explore about nature, our ecosystem, the food we eat, the world we live in, and how to keep our mind and body vibrant.

    Play Together
    Play time is what we craved as kids, so why should that change now that we have kids? There is so much fun waiting for us: outdoor recreation, family game night, family trips, and don’t forget the occasional improv dance party.

    Serve Together
    Lending a hand to someone around us can bring some of the deepest feelings of human significance and purpose to ourselves and our children. Let’s look for ways to bring a loaf of bread to a neighbor, cheer up someone’s day, serve someone in need, and assist our extended family.

    We hope you’ll join with us in this endeavor to make good things happen for families through food and fun. 

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