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Pumpkin Honey Butter

Pumpkin Honey Butter

October 30, 2018

Add a little pumpkin goodness to a slice of bread, toast, french toast, or even pancakes and waffles.  The recipe is simple and yet the flavor is oh-so-complex.  You'll love it.

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Father Time Pizza Toast

Weeknight Pizza Toast

May 02, 2018

There’s something about pizza that makes it the favorite meal of just about everyone in our family.  While this recipe differs from traditional pizza in the crust format, it sure is a lot more convenient.

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Father Time Heavenly Honey Butter

Heavenly Honey Butter

April 09, 2018

This simple, quick recipe is one of the easiest ways to turn heads at a social gathering.  Mixed together these ingredients make an absolutely heavenly combination that goes incredibly well with...

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Father Time French Toast

Fabulous French Toast

March 02, 2018

Toasted cinnamon custard-bread with syrup.  Yum.  French toast has always been one of our favorites since childhood.  It makes for a delicious start to a French Toast Friday or a Syrup Saturday!

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