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The Legend of Father Time

The Father TimeTM brand storyline is centered around a primary superhero character: Father Time.  But he’s not your grandfather’s Father Time with the traditional beard, robe, and ominous scythe in-hand.  This is a Father Time for a new generation.  Here is a brief intro into the Legend of Father Time, with more to come in the future:

Most people think Felix Truman is a pretty ordinary father of two young children living on a small family farm.  He spends more time than he would like at work, rides his bike a lot, loves his barbecue smoker, has a pretty old fashioned wardrobe, dreams big about the future, and loves playing board games with his kids.  A pretty regular dad, right?

Well he was…until a fateful day when a dangerous accident on a morning hike in the mountains left him stranded and helpless.  Through fateful circumstances he was rescued by an elderly man that eventually revealed himself as Father Time.  The Father Time from storybooks that works hand-in-hand with Mother Nature.  Only his time was finally running out after a long and storied career of working covert wonders in the great battle against the devious, deceptive, and dangerous Kronos.  Following a tradition of succession lasting centuries, this elderly sage was ending his personal tenure and passing the baton and Father Time stewardship to Felix, just as the mantle had previously been passed to him so long before.

This sudden change and added weight of responsibility was unexpected, daunting, unsolicited, and seemingly implausible for Felix, who wondered how he could ever hope to measure up with such high stakes on the line.  But he wasn’t left empty-handed.  In addition to the Father Time title, the elderly visitor passed on a set of special gifts, super powers, lessons, and tokens that would enable him to rise to the occasion with the right focus, practice, prioritization, humility, and dedication.

Felix soon discovered that he would need these gifts and powers to battle his new foe, one of the most vicious villains in history: the evil titan Kronos, whose sole aim is to overtake Earth by leading mankind to their own demise through the twisted manipulation of time.  It is a battle that has been waged surreptitiously for generations, and yet there was so much for Felix to learn in order to have any chance of averting wholescale catastrophe at the hands of the wily Kronos.

And while Felix Truman still tells corny dad jokes, wishes he could drop a few pounds, stubs his toe more frequently than he’d prefer, and won’t ever be a fashion trend-setter, this seemingly ordinary father of two young children leads a second identity as a genuine superhero, determined to leave his mark on the world by combining his youthful energy, wits, and newfound superpowers to defeat Kronos once and for all.